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Space Hints


You may want to purchase insurance to cover your belongings while in
storage. Space Station Storage can offer you this service.


Clean and dry all your appliances thoroughly. Keep refrigerator and
freezer doors slightly open. Remove and discard vacuum cleaner bags.

Positioning of Contents

Be sure to place frequently used items at the front of the unit to
avoid having to search for them. Store valuable items towards the
back of the unit.


It is against the law to store materials that are hazardous or
such as petrol, fuels, etc...Drain all fuel from
lawnmowers, power tools, boats, etc. before storing them.
Do not store food items which could attract rodents
or pests.

Moving House Checklist

When you are moving house you might be under pressure
and forget a few things, Space Station Storage can supply
you with a checklist before you pack your last box. Ask
us how!

House Removals

Where do you go to get unbeatable prices in a removal
service that will pack, deliver and store your belongings
in your new space unit? Ask us how!

Space Station Storage 36 Third St Wingfield, South Australia, Adelaide sales@spacestationstorage.com.au